2014 Conference Webinar

CHES 2014 Conference Webcast

Tuesday September 30, 2014
1130 BC / 1230 AB & SK* / 1330 MB / 1430 ON & QC / 1530 NB, NS, PE / 1600 NL
1 hour in length

Lessons Learned


Craig Doerksen, Divisional Director, Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg, MB
Roger Holliss, Director of Engineering and Biomedical Services, St. Mary’s General Hospital, Kitchener, ON
JJ Knott, Director, Plant Operations, Norfolk General Hospital, Simcoe,, ON
Mitch Weimer, Director, Plant Services & Operations, Fraser Health Authority, New Westminster, BC

The closing event of the CHES 2014 National Conference will be a dynamic, interactive, informative and fun panel discussion summarizing the key lessons learned from CHES 2014. This is your chance to hear our experts’ perspective, and to discuss the practical implementation, of key ideas presented at this year’s conference with recognized leaders in our field from across the country. Take part in this panel discussion through the webcast, to take away a “to do” list that you can start to implement with the many ideas you will discover from the conference. This session will ensure that all participants can make plans to transform the information presented in Saint John NB into positive action that will enhance the patient experience in your own building.

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Myles Gregory Bio

Myles Gregory has been delivering Demand Side solutions for over 10 years with BC Hydro.  He resides in Kamloops BC to cover the Southern region for Power Smart, working with Small, Medium, and Large organizations.

Jeffrey Light

Jeffrey Light has over 20 years of Strategic and Operational Healthcare Administrative experience developing and implementing comprehensive solutions.  As Business Development Program Manager Healthcare for Trane Commercial System, Jeff is responsible for developing innovative programs and consulting with Healthcare customers in North America with comprehensive solutions that support their strategic goals.  Formerly, Jeff has done strategic and facility plans for some of the largest healthcare systems and worked for over 15 years as the Administrative Director of Guest and Support Services, responsible for all non clinical services at Texas Health Resources.  He has a MBA from Southern Methodist University and has spoken at many international conferences.

Green Meetings

How CHES is greening their meeting!


Green Park

CHES, together with the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care, is encouraging all event participants to think and act green during our upcoming national Conference.  Participating vendors who have made significant progress down the path to corporate sustainability are invited to apply for a booth located in our Green Park to join other green-minded vendors in promoting their green products and services.  Your product/service will be assessed on how well it and/or your organization meets our criteria of providing environmental benefit to the health service providers and the Canadian health care industry.

The CHES Green Park will feature vendors whose products/services reflect a corporate mission to support the health and well being of people and the planet.   As hospitals embrace environmentally responsible health care service delivery they are looking now more than ever for “green” products and services to assist them in fulfilling their health care commitment.   Showcasing your “green” products and services at your exhibit space makes good sense and will help set you apart from your competition.  Green Park vendors will  demonstrate commitment to informing the public about the sustainability aspects of their products/services thereby helping purchasers make more environmentally-informed decisions.

Application Form – Deadline March 28, 2012 

Criteria for Green Park Vendors:

Green Park applicants and products/services will be assessed on the environmental benefit(s) it brings to the health service providers and the Canadian health care industry. Our Committee will be looking for such elements as level of environmental toxicity, if product requires MSDS sheet or special handling for user safety, third-party certification, recycled content, hazardous waste potential, non-compliance with environmental regulations, and demonstrated corporate sustainability initiatives. Testimonials are encouraged.

Inspire Green Program

If your exhibit will feature products or services that can help contribute to the sustainability of our sector, you may be eligible to be awarded an “Inspire Green” icon for display in your exhibit area to help draw attendees to your booth.  Details.

Application Form – Deadline to apply July 26, 2013

10 Steps to a Minimal Waste Event

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