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Membership in CHES is an investment in your career and the future of health service in Canada.

The benefits and rewards of membership are immediate, the connection to a growing resource community instantaneous.  Nowhere else in Canada will you get these benefits:

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CHES Membership

Membership in this Society shall include any person who is active in the delivery of healthcare engineering technology in the areas of administration, planning and design, construction, operations and maintenance and other related disciplines.


A person is eligible for Regular Membership who is active in the healthcare field in the areas described above in item 4.1. Regular Membership entitles the member to all basic privileges and responsibilities in the Society. Regular Members have voting privileges, and may hold office in the society. The majority of a regular member’s day- to-day work is in a healthcare facility working for the facility or a third party.



A person is eligible for Associate Membership if they provide managerial support, consulting services, products, and other such services to those involved in day-to-day delivery of health facility services and interested in the objectives of the society. Associate Members have voting privileges and may hold a seat on the Board of Directors but may not hold Executive office in the Society.



An organization interested in the objectives pursued by the Society and peripherally involved in the delivery of healthcare services is eligible for Corporate Membership and shall assign one individual in their corporation as their designate. The assigned designate shall have voting privileges and may hold a seat on the Board of Directors but may not hold Executive office in the Society. Any change in the designate shall be reported to the Secretary. Contact the National Office to apply.



An individual who while not a member has substantially contributed to the accomplishment of the objectives of the Society or who has performed special service for the Society may be proposed for Honorary Membership. Such a person shall be recommended by the Membership Committee for approval consideration by the Board of Directors. Honorary Members may not hold office or vote in the Society.



A person is eligible for Emeritus Membership who has been an active Regular or Associate Member of the Society for a minimum of five years and who is no longer active in the field of healthcare. Emeritus Members shall continue to have the same rights and privileges of the membership category previously held in the society.



A person is eligible for Student Membership who is in good standing and enrolled and in good standing in a course of study or training in a field related to healthcare which could, upon completion make them eligible for membership. Student Members may not vote or hold office in the Society.


Member Recognition


The Recognition of Long-Standing Members Program is an opportunity by which CHES can recognize those members who have continually supported the organization over the years. CHES has continued to grow and many of those early members continue to support the organization. The recognition program is a small way in which we recognize and show our appreciation for their years of support.

As an organization that was 40 years old in 2020, we have numerous members who have supported and have been members of the organization for over 10 years – a milestone in most organizations today. The recognition program aims to recognize those current members who have achieved this milestone and increments of every 5 years and thereafter, by presenting them with a recognition plaque and lapel pin annually at the National Conference.


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