CHES National Policies



A. By-Laws
A1.1 Mission, Code of Ethics, Membership, National Executive Committees Current
A1.2 By-Laws Current
B. Board of Directors
B1.1 Job Description President June 2022
B1.2 Vice President May 2021
B1.3 Secretary May 2021
B1.4 Treasurer May 2021
B1.5 Past President February 2022
B2.1 Meetings Reports for Executive Commitee May 2021
B2.2 Quorum, Conduct of Meetings, Conflict of Interest May 2021
B3.1 Agendas Annual General Meeting June 2022
B3.2 Board of Directors Meeting June 2022
B4.1 Elections Call for Nominations; Nominee Letter; Ballot January 2022
B4.2 Letter to Nominee (deleted 2021), see B4.1 Deleted 2021
B4.3 Ballot (deleted 2021), see B4.1 Deleted 2021
B5.1 Finance Expense & Travel Policy February 2022
B5.2 Annual Budgeting February 2022
B5.3 Retained Earnings February 2022
B5.4 Investment of Retained Earnings February 2022
B5.5 In Year Budget Adjustment Process February 2022
B6.1 Misc. Endorsement of Non-CHES Events August 2021
B6.2 Turnover of Documents, Programs & Files August 2021
B6.3 Removal of Officers August 2021
B6.4 Privacy Policy In Development
B6.5 Accessibility Policy In Development
B6.6 Conflict of Interest Policy In Development
B6.7 Requests of CHES to Endorse Vendor products / Services March 17, 2022
B7.1 Executive Officers Terms of Reference June 13,2022
B7.2 Job Description June 13, 2022
C1.1 Communications Committee Terms of Reference February 2024
C1.2 Job Description February 2024
C2.1 Publications Quarterly Journal & E-News Format September 2023
C2.2 Quarterly Journal Editorial Board September 2023
C2.3 Terms of Reference of Quarterly Journal September 2023
C2.4 Publication Schedule for Quarterly Journal September 2023
C2.5 Quarterly Journal Editor Septebmer 2023
C2.6 CHES E-News Editor September 2023
C3.1 Website Official CHES Website March 2023
C3.2 Management Board Website March 2023
C4.1 Language Bilingualism March 2023
C5.1 Logo Use & Modification of CHES Logo December 2021
C5.2 Use of the term “member” of CHES December 2021
C6.1 Social Media Communications Plan March 2023
D1.1 Membership Committee Terms of Reference  February 2022
D1.2 Job Description  February 2022
D2.1 Membership Guidelines for the Categorization of New Members  August 2023
D2.2 Payment of Membership Dues  August 2023
D2.3 Termination of Membership  August 2023
D2.4 Processsing Applications of New Members  August 2023
D2.5 Processing Annual Membership Renewals  August 2023
D2.6 Processing of Lifetime Memberships  December 2019
D2.7 Membership Recognition Program
D3.1 Hans Burgers Terms of Reference  March 2021
D4.1 Wayne McLellan Terms of Reference  MArch 2021
D5.1 President’s Terms of Reference  December 2021
D6.1 Young Progfessionals Grant Terms of Reference  March 2021
E1.1 Professional Development Commitee Terms of Reference  August 2021
E1.2 Job Description  August 2021
E2.1 National Conference Steering Committee Terms of Reference (deleted 2015)  Deleted 2015
E3.1 National Conference Schedule, Ptogram, Finances, Budgeting and Management  December 2020
E3.2 “Planning Schedule” (deleted 2020), see E3.1  Deleted 2020
E3.3 Point System for Conference Sponsors  November 2020
E3.4 Conference Scheduling  November 2020
E4.1 National Conference Planning Committee Terms of Reference  November 2020
E5.1 Webinar Committee Terms of Reference  February 2022
E5.2 Topics & Guidelines  February 2022
E6.1 Canadian Healthcare Construction Course Course Outline / Certificate Renewal  May 2021
E6.2 Terms of Reference  September 2020
E7.1 CCHFM Advisory Panel Terms of Reference  August 2021
E7.2 CCHFM Certification program Course Outline  August 2021
E7.3 CCFHM Certification Program Certificate Renewal  August 2021
F1.1 Partnerships & Advocacy Committee Terms of Reference  June 2023
F1.2 Job Description  June 2023
F2.1 Healthcare Standards Committee Terms of Reference  May 2021
F2.2 Job Description – Chair/Vice Chair  May 2021
F3.1 Partnerships & Advocacy Guidelines for Partnering  June 2021
G1.1 Governance Committee Terms of Reference (deleted June 2022) see B7.1  Deleted June 2022
G1.2 Job Description (deleted June 2022) see B7.2  Deleted June 2022
H. Chapters
H1.1 Job Descripton Chapter Chairman  June 2020
H1.2 Chapter Vice-Chairman  June 2020
H1.3 Chapter Secretary  June 2020
H1.4 Chapter Treasurer  June 2020
H1.5 Chapter Membership Director  June 2020
H1.6 Chapter Newsletter Director  December 2013
H1.7 Chapter Education Director  December 2013
H1.8 Public Relations Chairman  December 2013
I I1.1 Corporate Member Advisory Council Terms of Reference  March 2019

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