CHU in QC – A Case Study of Their Journey

Speaker: Philippe Leblanc, Eng., M.Eng., PMP, Assistant to the Director of Technical Services, Building Operations Cédric Bertrand, Eng., CVMP, Senior project director

The outcomes-based approach used within the Quebec University Hospital Centre’s deep energy retrofit was integral to the success of the project. Major HVAC upgrades to four of its five hospitals achieved a collective reduction of 30% in energy consumption, 29% to utility bills and 56% in GHG emissions – including $2,734,499 in annual cost savings. These outcomes earned the project CHES’s 2017 Wayne McLellan Award of Excellence, a 2017 ASHRAE Technology Award honourable mention for Existing Health Facilities, and an Energia Award for best integrated projects in Quebec.

This webinar will examine the operational strategy behind the deep outcomes achieved and will highlight how the integrated, outcome-based approach enabled the CHU’s staff to get involved early in the process. On top of maximizing outcomes, the approach made sure to solve the various operating issues brought out by the CHU’s staff, and it addressed as much deferred maintenance as possible. It also ensured the accountability of the design-build firm, who provided all required training to properly operate the buildings and exceed the expected outcomes. This ongoing communication between stakeholders will be discussed within a phase-by-phase account of the project (concept design, detailed study, construction, optimization, performance follow-up).

Learning Outcomes
Following this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify operational issues that can be addressed using an outcome-based approach.
  • Communicate these operational issues to your partner firm with a focus on the WHAT rather than the HOW, and leverage the creative solutions that result from an outcome-based approach.
  • Take advantage of the accountability provided by outcome-based projects to ensure proper training program from your partner firm.

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