UV in Air Handling Units Saves Energy and Increases IAQ

Speaker: Aaron Engel


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Getting Up To Speed in UV-C Technology for HVAC

The proven power of germicidal ultraviolet-C (UV-C) as an effective inactivation method for microorganisms, bacteria and viruses in HVAC coils, drain pans and airstream has long been used to help improve indoor air quality (IAQ).

However, in addition to improving IAQ, a hidden value of UV-C is its ability to restore cooling capacity, reduce maintenance, extend equipment life and greatly increase the potential for energy savings.

We will discuss how UVC works and the advantages of a cleaner, safer more efficient HVAC system while complementing the HVAC filter to treat the air within the building envelope.

Engel Aaron 150x177 Speaker Aaron Engel

Aaron Engel is Vice-President of Business Development for Fresh-Aire UV, a US based global leader in UV disinfection technologies. Aaron has 20 years’ experience in the design, manufacturing and marketing of UV disinfection systems for commercial, facility and healthcare. Aaron has worked on projects with various universities, accredited labs and research groups including Research Triangle Institute (RTI) the United States EPA & US National Homeland Security.

Aaron is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer and contributes to publications and journals on IAQ technologies and UV disinfection. Aaron is a voting member on various ASHRAE committees including TC2.9 Ultraviolet Air and Surface Treatment and the Programs Chair for TC2.9.

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