Transforming Healthcare Facilities

Speaker: Michael Pringle, Sr. Buisiness Consultant, Adi Fikre, Lead Solution Advisor, Peter Krajcovic, Senior Business Consultant
Improving the operation of the Healthcare facility through deep technology advancements that address healthcare’s most critical outcomes; Operation throughput, Patient experience, Infection reduction, and Secure environments.


Pringle Michael 150x153 Speaker  Michael Pringle, Sr. Buisiness Consultant

In his role as Sr Business Consultant, Michael serves a dual role. He works with healthcare clients across the country to develop facility and renewal self-funded solutions within the facilities he visits. In addition, Michael combines Honeywell and non-Honeywell technology in bundled solutions to address building safety, improve facility condition index and reduce energy and operational costs. Michael leverages his education in Physiology and Electrical Engineering, his activity in organizations such as the international Ultra-Violet Association, CHES and CCHL, and his background in business optimization, IT, facility condition and energy engineering to provide unique and value-added solutions to the healthcare space through innovative energy performance contracts and Healthy Building retrofits. Michael coordinates Honeywell teams comprised of local partners, dedicated Honeywell project managers, engineers, and coordinators, as well as field technicians.

Fikre Adi 150x153 Speaker  Adi Fikre, Lead Solution Advisor

As Solution Advisor, Adi brings over 20 years of engineering project experience in a hospital setting as well as industrial and datacenter facilities across multiple sectors: Healthcare, Education, Commercial Real Estate, Technology. The scope of his work extends from use case analysis and risk mitigation to digital transformation through developing technology roadmaps.

Adi’s latest work design and system integration revolves around RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems), Nurse Call solutions, Network Infrastructure, Access Control and Intrusion Detection systems, and CCTV.

Krajcovic Speaker  Peter Krajcovic, Senior Business Consultant

Peter has been involved in several large healthcare projects throughout Canada, in addition to work in Commercial Real Estate, Higher Education and Municipal sectors. With an Engineering degree in Building Sciences and an MBA in International Business, he has technical insights into how buildings operate and how projects impact the budget from a financial angle of view.

At Honeywell, Peter’s focus is to work hand in glove with clients — through complex decision stages to maximize financing for each Energy Savings project and deliver technically sound outcomes on the engineering side.

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