In these very challenging times because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the following is a short list of resources that may be of value:

Seek information from reliable sources: In a world of social media, there is an abundance of misinformation. Much of it is unreliable and not based in fact or science. Be sure that the information you are gathering is coming from reliable sources.

The following are locations where you can get accurate and up-to-date information:

Know that you are not alone: Take advantage of the CHES network.

Reach out to your peers, the associate members and the entire CHES family. The Member Forum may be of value at this time:

There are resources available to assist through these difficult times. Don’t be afraid to use them. CHES maintains a listing of professionals available to help and they are only a phone call away. See the CHES resource directory at

Thank you all for the vital work that you do each and every day, but especially during these challenging times. As Canadians, we will all work together to find a way to the other side and look back on these days to see the amazing work that was done, and the immeasurable caring and compassionate spirit of our friends, neighbours and coworkers.