Professional Development Committee

1. Purpose

1.1 The purpose of the CHES Professional Development Committee is to develop national standards of training, practices, skills, competencies and character to enhance the professional capability and credibility of its members within the healthcare environment and relevant authorities.

2. Meetings

2.1 Meetings of this committee will be held by teleconference quarterly or more frequently at the discretion of the chair.
2.2 A face to face meeting will be held at the annual National Conference when approved by the CHES Board of Directors.
2.3 The CHES National Office will be responsible for recording minutes of each meeting. Minutes shall clearly identify decisions made, items requiring further action and persons responsible for follow-up action, and recommendations to the Professional Development committee

3. Membership

3.1 Due to the uniqueness of each province and the importance of getting the proper perspective the committee will be comprised of representatives of each chapter.
3.2 If certain expertise is required ad-hoc membership of people with that expertise is encouraged.
3.3 3.2 The term of Chair of the Professional Development committee shall be two years.
3.4 No chair shall serve more than two consecutive terms.
3.5 The term of the Vice Chair shall be two years.
3.6 The vice chair will assume the responsibilities of the chair as required.
3.7 It is the expectation that the Vice Chair will transition into the position of Chair.
3.8 The transition of the Chair and Executive Liaison shall take place in alternate years, thus allowing overlap of the Executive Liaison and Chair positions.
3.7 The committee will be comprised of the following members:
3.7.1 Chair (from any Chapter)
3.7.2 Vice Chair (from any Chapter)
3.7.3 CHES Executive Liaison
3.7.4 Chapter members
3.7.5 Sub-Committee Chairs
3.7.6 CHES Executive Director or designate
3.7.7 Ad-Hoc members as required

4. Responsibilities

4.1 Oversee the educational direction for members
4.2 Ensure that all appropriate geographic areas have input into the direction of the committee.
4.3 Develop and maintain appropriate courses that benefit the members
4.4 Oversee the development of the Education Program of National conference
4.5 Develop and maintain Certification of members and the standards required
4.6 Provide opportunities for sharing best practices
4.7 Develop Scholarships and Bursaries for education purposes
4.8 The chair will provide reports for the Board of Directors meetings quarterly
4.9 The Vice Chair or a Professional Development Committee designate to sit as the Chair, Canadian Healthcare Construction Course Subcommittee.
4.10 Oversee the work of the CCHFM Advisory Panel and the CaNHCC Subcommittee.

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