Benefits of Construction Course

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Benefits of Course
At the end of this course you will be able to communicate with healthcare professionals during the negotiation and/or bidding process in language that demonstrates your understanding of the major issues, such as

  • needs and expectations of the healthcare facility owner, staff, patients and visitors as it applies to the construction process
  • inner workings of a healthcare facility and appropriate practices and safeguards that can result in decreased liability
  • ways to strengthen the relationship between the construction professional and the business industry
  • methods to integrate a “quality control” program into the construction process
  • promoting yourself and your company by demonstrating your understanding of the latest compliance issues facing the healthcare and construction market
  • risk management issues that need to be addressed when working in a healthcare facility.

Who Should Attend
If you are a construction professional either working in the healthcare market or looking to expand into this market, you need this certificate.  Become one of the elite in the healthcare construction market by earning your Healthcare Construction Certificate, giving you and your company a competitive edge when negotiating contracts with healthcare facilities.

Over 400 individuals have received certificates to date.

The Canadian Healthcare Construction Course is a great course for people that work in healthcare and would include construction workers, consultants, Facilities Maintenance and Engineering etc.  Working in the healthcare industry is very specialized, this course touches on the basics of IP&C, OH&S, Codes and Standards, Commissioning, Mechanical & Electrical Systems and many other subjects.  The speakers are engaging and very knowledgeable, the course is interesting and everyone will walk away with something that they can take home.  I recommend this course to anyone who works in the consulting, construction & maintenance of healthcare facilities.  The Canadian Healthcare Construction Course should be a requirement for anyone working or wanting to work within the healthcare industry

Stacey Nunes
Project Coordinator
Project Management – South Zone
Alberta Health Services
the healthcare industrythe healthcare industry

I have many years of experience in safety and when I took the Canadian Healthcare Construction Course I was very impressed with the course content and how the instructors presented it. As many know, we learn something new every day and the CHES construction course opened my eyes and taught me things that we don’t normally consider in construction outside of healthcare facilities, or in general industry. I highly recommend the CHES construction course to anyone who is interested in increasing their safety knowledge, not only as a construction worker but in all areas of safety.

Louis P Stacey, CSHS, GISHS
Coordinator, Occupational Safety and Health
Mohawk Council of Kahnawake

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Program Overview

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