2024 Green Park

44th Annual Conference of the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society

Enriching Patient Experiences by Optimizing the Environment

September 8-10, 2024
Halifax Convention Centre, Halifax Nova Scotia

Information: info@ches.org

Top 10 Tips for Minimum Waste 

You are invited to join the CHES Green Park!

CHES, together with the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care, is encouraging all event participants to think and act green during our upcoming CHES National Conference.

Participating vendors who have made significant progress along the path to corporate sustainability are invited to apply for a booth located in our Green Park to join other green-minded vendors in promoting their green products and services. Your product/service will be assessed on how well it and/or your organization meets our criteria of providing environmental benefit to the health service providers and the Canadian health care industry.

The CHES Green Park will feature vendors whose products/services reflect a corporate mission to support the health and well-being of people and the planet. As hospitals embrace environmentally-responsible health care service delivery they are looking now more than ever for “green” products and services to assist them in fulfilling their health care commitment. Showcasing your “green” products and services at your exhibit space makes good sense and will help set you apart from your competition.

Green Park vendors will demonstrate commitment to informing the public about the sustainability aspects of their products/services thereby helping purchasers make more environmentally-informed decisions.

Criteria for Green Park Vendors

Green Park applicants and products/services will be assessed on the environmental benefit(s) it brings to the health service providers and the Canadian health care industry. Our Committee will be looking for such elements as level of environmental toxicity, if product requires MSDS sheet or special handling for user safety, third-party certification, recycled content, hazardous waste potential, non-compliance with environmental regulations, and demonstrated corporate sustainability initiatives. Testimonials are encouraged.

This sustainable heath initiative supported by

Disclaimer: The Green Park initiative is a voluntary program based on the participating companies’ self-report. If you have questions regarding a participating company’s claims, we encourage you to contact them directly for more information. CHES does not endorse any of the listed companies but challenges all of its vendors to take steps toward greater environmental stewardship.

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