Sabrina Goobie


Sabrina Goobie

CHES Maritime is pleased to announce the successful applicant for the Per Paasche Bursary, valued at $1000, is Sabrina Goobie.

Sabrina is the daughter of CHES Maritime member Bill Goobie. Bill is the Manager, Major Construction with the Horizon Health Network and is based out of Moncton, New Brunswick.

Sabrina is 17 years old and a grade 12 student at École L’Odyssée in Moncton. Sabrina will be continuing her education at the Université de Moncton in the fall studying Civil Engineering.

Sabrina enjoys math and physics and has decided to follow in her father’s footsteps by pursuing an education in engineering.
“Since my father is an engineer, I have always considered going down the same path. I enjoy understanding how things work, being outside, and admiring architecture, thus making my decision to select this course a simple one.”

Sabrina has been an active community volunteer and has contributed her time to the Karing Kitchen and the Food Bank. She is an avid hockey enthusiast and goaltender and has participated in the NBIAA Provincial Hockey Championship.

Congratulations Sabrina and the best of success for the future.

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