Partnership & Advocacy Committee

1. Purpose:

1.1 The purpose of the CHES Partnership and Advocacy Committee is to develop national policies and criteria for engaging partners to enhance our members’ ability to perform their job. In support of our National vision, CHES partners with many organizations such as CSA, Accreditation Canada and the Canadian Coalition for Green Healthcare to support various healthcare safety protocols, healthcare standards and environmental initiatives.

2. Meetings:

2.1 Meetings of this committee will be held by teleconference quarterly or at the discretion of the chair. A face-to-face meeting will be held at the annual National Conference if deemed appropriate. The team will select a member of the team to record minutes of each meeting. Minutes shall clearly identify action items with person responsible for follow-up, any decisions made, any established timelines, & recommendations to the National CHES Board of Directors. All minutes will be copied to National office.

3. Membership:

3.1 Due to the uniqueness of each chapter and the importance of obtaining a national perspective, the committee will be comprised of representatives of each chapter. If certain expertise is required ad-hoc membership of people with that expertise is encouraged. The term of Chair of the Partnership and Advocacy committee shall be two (2) years. No chair shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms. The term of the Vice Chair of the Partnership & Advocacy Committee shall be two (2) years. The vice chair will assume the responsibilities of the chair as required. It is the expectation that the Vice Chair will transition into the position of Chair. The transition of the Chair shall take place in an even number year, thus allowing overlap of the Executive Liaison and Chair positions.
3.2 The Committee will be comprised of the following members:
3.2.1 Chair (from any Chapter)
3.2.2 Vice Chair (from any Chapter)
3.2.3 Executive Liaison (CHES National immediate Past President)
3.2.4 CHES Executive Director or designate
3.2.5 Chapters members
3.2.6 Sub-Committee Chair
3.2.7 Associate member
3.2.8 Ad-Hoc members

4. Responsibilities:

4.1 To ensure that any strategic goals established by the CHES Board of Directors for this committee are carried out.
4.2 Ensure that all appropriate geographic areas have input into the direction of the committee.
4.3 Oversee the National Healthcare Standards Sub-committee
4.4 To review the appropriateness of Partner Associations
4.5 To seek Partner Associations that will benefit our membership
4.6 Speak out in support for changes in Codes and Standards as identified by CHES Board of Directors and/or Chapters
4.7 Ensure that the Society’s voice is heard, either through representation or communication.
4.8 The chair will provide reports for the CHES Board of Directors meeting quarterly updating status of ongoing partnerships, projects and standards
4.9 To maintain and update a work plan for the committee.
4.10 Review the membership, work plan and terms of reference every 2 years.
4.11 Any other duties as directed by the CHES Board of Directors

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