Patrick LeBlanc

2020 Patrick LeBlanc

CHES Maritime is pleased to announce the successful applicant for the 2020 Per Paasche Bursary, valued at $1000, is Patrick LeBlanc.

Patrick is the son of CHES Maritime member Dave LeBlanc. Dave is with the NS Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, Building Project Services Division’ Engineering Design and Construction – Project Management, based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia

Patrick LeBlanc grew up in Bedford, Nova Scotia. From a young age Patrick had a passion for learning, and he carried that passion through his school years before deciding to pursue a post-secondary education in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ottawa. Patrick’s interest in mathematics, science, problem solving, and making a positive change inspired his decision to start a career in the engineering field. In his free time Patrick enjoys playing hockey and guitar, and he is an avid runner.

Congratulations to Patrick and the best of success for his future

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