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Kinetic GPO


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Melissa Jackson




240 Holiday Inn Drive R
Cambridge, ON N3C 3X4

Company Description:

Kinetic GPO is a cooperative purchasing organization established for Broader Public Sector and MASH entities across Canada, with the specific purpose of reducing procurement cost by leveraging the purchasing power of group buying and saving our members time by simplifying steps to procure.

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) are widely used in Canada especially in the medical health and education sectors. Kinetic is advancing the purchasing power of entities across Canada by taking what has worked, expanding on those strategies and offering our portfolio to a full range of Public Sector and MASH entities.

We have over 150 years of collective experience in public procurement. Through experience and knowledge of government procurement, Kinetic has the unique ability to secure superior discounts and add value to Public Sector buyers. Kinetic does more than establish the contracts, it offers training (on terms and conditions of the contracts and how to use them) to members and vendors; raising awareness on how Public Sector entities can gain the benefits of the contracts; Kinetic acts as an effective advocate for public sector buyers vis-a-vis the contractors.

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