Energy Star Health Care Energy Leadership Program launches to assist hospitals and LTC homes embrac

ENERGY STAR® Health Care Energy Leadership Program launches to assist hospitals and LTC homes embrace energy savings

June 19, 2012

Canada’s estimated health care energy bill exceeds $1 Billion annually and with utility costs continuing to rise, once again Canada’s over 3,500 health care facilities are turning their attention to energy conservation; many are turning to ENERGY STAR for assistance.

ENERGY STAR is the international symbol of energy efficiency and has been adopted by governments throughout the world. ENERGY STAR in Canada is administered and promoted by Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency which enrolls participants as well as promotes and monitors the use of the ENERGY STAR symbol across Canada.

Only manufacturers whose products pass ENERGY STAR testing are allowed to display the ENERGY STAR symbol. Typically a product must be among the top 25 percent of all makes and models on the market in terms of energy efficiency to be included.

Those purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified products save money because the products use less energy than conventional alternatives yet offer similar or better performance. From an environmental perspective, improving energy efficiency reduces air emissions that contribute to smog and climate change.

ENERGY STAR qualified products are available for health care kitchens, cafeterias, kitchenettes, offices and common areas such as waiting rooms, lobbies, hallways and washrooms. . Download Health Care Food Services Resource Guide: Going green in the kitchen with ENERGY STAR. (

By purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified appliances and equipment, you are taking the first step to demonstrating your commitment to energy reduction and environmental leadership.

Step two is participation in the ENERGY STAR Health Care Energy Leadership Program (HELP), a new initiative to assist Canada’s health services sector embrace energy savings and reduction opportunities. It is delivered by My Sustainable Canada (MSC, and the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care (the Coalition, two of Canada’s leading non-profit environmental stewardship groups.

HELP participants can access no cost educational resources including webinars and onsite ENERGY STAR training, ‘Spot the ENERGY STAR Opportunities’ walkthroughs during “Getting to Green” ( workshops, sample RFP procurement language, training on the online ENERGY STAR Simple Savings Calculator and help in building business cases for the purchase of ENERGY STAR qualified appliances and equipment.

The Ottawa Hospital recently became the first health care facility in Canada to sign on as an ENERGY STAR Participant. According to Jessica Heiss, Coordinator, Sustainability & Building Integration at TOH, “Joining gave us an incentive to better embrace energy efficiency throughout our sites and make it a much bigger element in our overall corporate planning and redevelopment strategy. We are working to increase the awareness of ENERGY STAR savings opportunities among members of our purchasing teams and engineering consultants as we plan for new purchases and upgrade projects. ENERGY STAR offers a framework to better embrace energy efficient appliances, energy awareness training, and NRCan gives you an opportunity to be recognized for your accomplishments.”

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