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Deadline for Submission Extended:  February 28, 2022

Healthcare Engineering Society (CHES) is pleased to invite all parties that have recently undertaken, or been involved in, a building project in healthcare to enter the 2022 International IFHE Building Award Contest.

The award will be presented at the 27th International Federation of Healthcare Engineering (IFHE) Congress, which will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, from the 17th to 21st of September 2022. This International Award focuses on healthcare buildings, which represent a contribution to the 2022 Congress framework theme “Unleashing Innovation: Healthcare Engineering Excellence”.

On the significant occasion of hosting in Canada, the 2022 Congress of IFHE confirms its role and commitment to bringing together international experts in healthcare design, construction, operations, and maintenance. This International Building Award constitutes a unique occasion for design and construction managers to acquire visibility and obtain global recognition for their projects.

This international award was established by the IFHE and has been presented bi-annually at the IFHE Congress; in The Hague, Netherlands in April 2016, in Brisbane, Australia in October 2018 and in Rome Italy in 2020 (Subsequently held virtually). The next presentation will be in Canada at the IFHE 2022 Congress.

CHES is pleased to be able to invite you to submit new building and refurbishment projects that meet the criteria of the Award.

Projects can be submitted from any healthcare sector and can be either new buildings or renovation projects. Facilities from all healthcare sectors can be proposed in the competition. Healthcare facilities extend beyond hospitals, so the International Building Award recognizes the contribution of facilities such as residential care homes and other supported care living environments. The award also focuses on the holistic experience of not only patients and residents, but also their families and visitors, and the staff that provide human-centered care.

In all cases, the projects considered for the award will be the ones realized and completed in or after 2017 and the buildings must be in operation when they are proposed for the Contest.

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Jim McArthur
Chair, IFHE 2022 Congress | CHES 2022 National Conference

Steve Rees
1st Vice President, International Federation of Healthcare Engineering (IFHE)

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