CHES BC Healthcare Award for Outstanding Contribution to Healthcare Engineering in British Columbia

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1. The purpose of the award is to recognize an individual’s outstanding achievement in the field of healthcare engineering in British Columbia.
2. To publicize the award and the achievements of the individual through CHES periodicals and other related health care publications.


To be eligible for the award, the candidate must:

1. Be a resident of Canada and have worked in the field of healthcare engineering in British Columbia.
2. Demonstrate an achievement that is either a series of contributions or one outstanding contribution to healthcare engineering.

Submission Requirements

1. Submissions for awards are to be delivered to the BC Chapter of CHES no later than February 28th of the award year.
2. Award submission must include a letter of endorsement from a current CHES BC member in good standing.
3. Submission may include Letters of Support from other members citing specific contributions and personal knowledge of how the nominee helped them or a project. These shall be separate attachments.
4. The BC Chapter Executive will review submission for compliance and if it is not compliant, the Executive will notify submitters and allow 48 hours to revise and resubmit.


1. Submissions will be judged by the CHES BC Executive Committee.
2. The Executive Committee will review all submissions, and evaluate and score each submission.
3. A record of the scoring criteria shall be confidentially maintained by the Executive Committee.
4. If the Executive Committee deems that none of the submissions for the award meet the expected criteria levels, they will recommend that the Award not be presented that year.


The following criteria will be used for judging the submission:

• Displays leadership in the CHES BC Chapter. (10 points)
• Demonstrates achievements and/or impacts to a healthcare facility and/or organization in British Columbia. (35 points)
• Dedicates volunteer time for CHES special events such as the Trade Show and Education Forum and/or time serving a number of positions on CHES committees, Chapter and/or National Boards. (10 points).
• Demonstrates results that showcases leadership in a healthcare facility and/or organization for other members in British Columbia. (25 points)
• Displays eagerness and enthusiasm to improve and benefit the BC CHES Chapter. (20 points)

Notification of Recipient

The following process will be used for notifying the award recipient:

1. The award recipient will be contacted by the CHES BC Executive Chair by phone and advised of being selected for the award.
2. The CHES BC Executive Chair will forward the formal letter by email, acknowledging the selection of the recipient for the award.
3. The CHES BC executive Chair will send a formal letter via email outlining the details of the Award and what expenses are covered for the recipient(s) to attend and receive the award at the gala evening of the CHES BC Conference.
4. CHES BC to pay the following expenses:
– Reasonable expenses for travel to and from the conference for the recipient. Expenses to be reviewed with CHES BC before commitment made.
– Conference registration for recipient and 1 additional Gala ticket for guest
– Hotel accommodations for 2 nights for the recipient.
5. Award recipient will not make public any announcements until after the award is received at the gala Banquet.


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