Become a Certified Healthcare Facility Manager

Dear Members of CHES Maritime Chapter:

I am writing to you today to raise awareness of the Canadian Certified Healthcare Facility Manager (CCHFM) offered through CHES.

The CCHFM is the first certification program developed by CHES and is intended to ensure that Canadian healthcare facilities are managed by competent individuals. The certification examination is designed to test a well-defined body of knowledge, representative of professional practice in the discipline of healthcare facilities management. Successful completion of a certification examination is an indicator of broad-based knowledge in this field.

The CCHFM Examination is based on five (5) core areas of competency:

  • Code and Standards Compliance
  • Planning, Design, and Construction
  • Maintenance and Operations
  • Finance Management
  • Administration

CLICK HERE to visit the certification handbook for more details on the program and if you qualify to apply.

To encourage members to participate, CHES Maritime is offering to pay the $115 cost of the Self-Assessment Exam (SAE) for any CHES Maritime member who meets the CCHFM eligibility requirements.

The 100-question online practice test was developed using the same procedures as the CCHFM Examination, and conforms to the CCHFM Examination specifications in content, cognitive levels, format, and difficulty.

To request the SAE, complete the CCHFM Examination Application

For paper application, leave the payment information blank, for online application, tick the “Pay later” box. CHES Maritime will be invoiced for the fee. After registering you will get an email confirmation and instruction on how to access the SAE.

So, take on the challenge. Becoming a CCHFM instills pride in your accomplishments and will provide a high level of comfort for the patients, staff, families and visitors, knowing their hospitals are taken care of by qualified individuals, such as yourself.

Helen Comeau
Chair CHES Maritime Chapter

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