2022 Facility Tours


Wednesday September 21, 2022

Tentative Facility Tour Schedule


Tour Option One Tour Option Two
 Hospital for Sick Children St. Michael’s Hospital
 0900 – 1200 0900 – 1200
Register Register
Schedule Schedule
0845 – Bus departs Westin Hotel 0845 – Bus departs Westin Hotel
0900-1200 – Tour of Hospital for Sick Children 0900-1200 Tour St. Michael’s Hospital
1200- Bus returns to Westin Hotel 1200-Bus returns to Westin Hotel
Tour and transportation complimentary to registrants.

The Hospital for Sick Children

World-famous facility affiliated with the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine and is the second largest paediatric research hospital in the world.


Full Protocol

Please note that visitors must be fully vaccinated and shall have not travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days.  Please read the full protocol for details.

St. Michael's Hospital

St. Michael’s Hospital is a Catholic teaching and research hospital in downtown Toronto. Affectionately known as the Urban Angel, St. Michael’s is renowned for providing exceptional patient care. Some of the areas you will visit include the control room, that houses the Honeywell EBI system, that controls some 20k control points, a view from the 18-story trauma heliopad, one of the full block-long mechanical spaces and 5 new OR suites not yet mobilized. The tour will end with refreshments and a short presentation of the current redevelopment project.


Guests are asked to stay away if they are showing any signs of Covid infection and should have proof of vaccination in the unlikely case they are asked for it. St. Michael’s will supply masks.

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