CHES Manitoba Education Day


Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Canad Inn Destination Centre Polo Park
1405 St Matthews Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
(204) 775-8791




 Time Topic Duration/Notes
7:30-8:00  Registration & Breakfast - Sponsored by Manitoba Hydro  30 minutes 
8:00-8:10 Opening Remarks
Tom Still, CHES MB Chapter Chair
10 minutes 
8:10-8:30  Session #1:  Efficiency Manitoba
Colleen Kuruluk, CEO, Efficiency Manitoba 
20 minutes 
  Hear about the progress on the establishment of Manitoba’s new Crown Corporation, Efficiency Manitoba. Learn about how the organization will be focused on improving the energy efficiency of Manitoba homes and businesses and leveraging industry capability and knowledge for the design and delivery of new and innovative programs.  
8:30-9:10  Session #2:  Successes, Challenges and Opportunities: Energy Smart Buildings
Kyle MacDonald, Executive Director, Facilities, University of Winnipeg 
40 minutes 
  The presentation will discuss how we were able to meet deep emission reduction goals using smart building technology in retrofit applications (the successes and challenges), and the opportunities of renewable energy sources in Manitoba, including some non-conventional ones such as Biomass, and how they complement others.  
9:10-9:45  Session #3: The Future of Sustainable Facilities Service Delivery: Collaboration, Transparency & End User Integration
Erica Brabon, Director, Energy and Sustainability, Black & McDonald 
35 minutes 
  This presentation will discuss how collaboration between the facilities team, the healthcare/research team and other stakeholders leads to a more efficient systems and increased transparency in capital planning and operations. Integrating technology for monitoring and reporting lends new tools to these processes and increases end-user adoption. Creating these new feedback loops and approaches to service delivery sets an example for the future of sustainable facility management and the importance of communication.  
9:45-10:30  Refreshment Break in Exhibit Hall - Sponsored by Class 1 Inc.  45 minutes
Trade Show opens 9:30 
10:30-11:00  Session #4: How Smart Buildings Can Increase Maintenance Ease and Energy Efficiency While Lowering Capital Cost Using Converging Networks
Colin McLachlan, C.E.T, RCDD, LEED AP BD+C, Partner, SMS Engineering Ltd.
Scott Hammond
, PEng, LEED AP BD+C, Partner, SMS Engineering
30 minutes
Front line staff start 10:30
  All buildings are talking to us – are you listening?

Lighting talking to HVAC, maintenance talking to room booking, wheelchair or beds telling you exactly where they are. Technology now exists to allow your buildings to communicate across all systems. By converging your networks to communicate with each other while amassing the data for your own use, you can increase the positive impact facility management has on the CORE BUSINESS of providing quality healthcare to your patients.

Learn how small changes to your ongoing measurement and verification systems together by leveraging your data to work for you can optimize energy/carbon use while lowering your maintenance time and costs. Stay ahead of the facility management curve by incrementally implementing systems as they receive normal repairs or replacement to work together to meet your ultimate goals.

11:00-11:15  Manitoba Chapter AGM
Tom Still, CHES Manitoba Chapter Chair 
15 minutes 
11:15-12:00  Keynote Speaker: A Prescription for a Strong Economy - Sponsored by Stantec
Paul Vogt, President and CEO, Red River College  
45 minutes 
  How Red River College is building capacity in Manitoba through innovation, training and education  
12:00-13:30  Lunch in Exhibit Hall - Sponsored by SMS Engineering  90 minutes 
13:30-14:25  Session 5: Virtual & Augmented Reality for Healthcare Facilities
Robert Manna, Associate, Stantec
55 minutes 
  Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are increasingly entering the lexicon of day to day life. The design industry has rapidly embraced reality technologies to more easily convey design intent, validate client/customer assumptions and improve construction, maintenance and operational outcomes. In this session we will cover the current state of the technology and the ease at which different approaches can be implemented, starting with simple VR as part of the facility design process, to virtual mock-ups, human operations validation and full augmented reality that allows the overlay of the digital with physical. We will feature sample work from healthcare and industries with similar needs and requirements.  
14:25-15:10  Refreshment Break in Exhibit Hall - Sponsored by Hippo CMMS  45 minutes 
15:10-15:45  Session #6:  Technology & Innovation in WRHA Clinical Engineering
Tidimogo Gaamangwe, PhD, P.Eng., Acting Senior Executive Director and Chief Clinical & Diagnostic Technology Officer, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
35 minutes 
15:45-16:15 Session #7:  Biomedical Engineering: Meeting Challenges with Design
The University of Manitoba Biomedical Engineering Design Team (BMED)
Mikaela Morelli, BMED Design Chair, University of Manitoba
30 minutes
  Learn about the newly founded biomedical engineering design team at the University of Manitoba. BMED exists to bring together students interested in the biomedical field; specifically, to source and propagate knowledge pertaining to the biomedical field, and to challenge students with design projects and competitions associated with biomedical engineering. This year’s projects were; Wheelchair Transfer, Wheelchair Hand-warmer and an EEG Muscle-to-Music Rehabilitation. Each project chosen had a team of students that worked hard together to design, fabricate and test their device. Our team is hoping to help increase the interest in the field and improve the biomedical engineering experience for students at the University of Manitoba.  
16:15-17:30  Mixer Event in Exhibit Hall - Sponsored by Tremco
•  Networking and Refreshments 
•  Exhibitor Prize Draws*, Grand Prize Draws*
•  Closing Remarks - Tom Still, CHES Manitoba Chapter Chair
75 minutes
Trade Show closes 17:30
* Must be present to claim a prize.