The call for abstracts for the 2021 CHES conference is now open.
L’appel à communications pour le Congrès national 2021 de la SCISS est maintenant ouvert.

Deadline for submission:  November 20, 2020
Date limite pour les soumissions : 30 novembre 2020

COVID-19: From the Facilities Management Front Lines - questions, possible solutions and lots to think about

Part 4 Recorded Video September 23, 2020

Part 3 Recorded Video May 13, 2020

Part 2 Recorded Video April 29, 2020

Part 1 Recorded Video April 15, 2020

CSA NEW2019 125x53The Qualified Medical Gas Operator Training is now live on the CSA Store:

Public - Dates & Times: October 26 & 27, 2020 8:30 am-12:30 pm Eastern Time

Onsite - Dates & Times to be determined based on the organization and instructor availability

CSA NEW2019 125x53Medical Gas E-Learning Course is now open for registration

This course provides a basic understanding of medical gases, what they are, their uses, and safety considerations when in use.  This is an online course with an estimated completion time of 5 hours.  Registration provides 90-day course access to complete.


Dear CHES Family / Chers membres de la SCISS,

After much deliberation, involving all the key stakeholders, National Executive, the Board of Directors and the 2020 Halifax Conference Planning Committee, we have made the very difficult and unprecedented decision to postpone the September 2020 Halifax national conference to a future date beyond 2020. / Après de longues délibérations, auxquelles ont participé les principales parties prenantes, le Bureau national, le Comité de direction et le Comité d’organisation du Congrès 2020 d’Halifax, nous avons pris la décision très difficile et sans précédent de reporter le Congrès national 2020 prévu à Halifax à une date future au-delà de 2020.