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Webinar 1  Wednesday January 18, 2023
Topic: Hospital HVAC - What Now?
Speakers:  Nick Stark, P.Eng., CED, Leed AP, ICD.D, Executive Vice President, H.H. Angus & Associates Limited Consulting Engineers
Meagan Webb, P.Eng., H.H. Angus & Associates Limited
  Ventilation systems in health care facilities have always been important but the pandemic has brought indoor air quality to the fore. The application of the CSA HVAC Standard in the era of COVID has been shown to have many benefits, but recent experience and research shows there are improvements that can be made. When the impacts of our warming climate are added to the imperative to transition to net zero, the way we design and operate health care facilities will need to change.
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Webinar 2 Wednesday February 15, 2023
Topic: The Art of Building Sustainability 
Speaker: Thomas Zaban P. Eng., LEED Green Associate, President, Reliable Controls
  True sustainability in the built environment leverages the delicate balance between people, the planet, and fiscal responsibility. The safe, healthy, productive, and energy-efficient operation of a facility requires a high level of integration between complex and costly mechanical and electrical systems which consume significant natural resources. Focusing on nine simple but crucial characteristics in the automation of these systems empower interoperation in an intuitive and sustainable way; which is the art of building sustainability.

Session Objectives:
Discern the critical importance of sustainability in the build environment. Learn the crucial role that building automation plays in a sustainable built environment. Identify nine basic principles which comprise the art of building sustainability.

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Webinar 3  Wednesday March 22, 2023
Topic:  Decarbonization for Healthcare Buildings - The Giant Step Forward
Speaker:  Ted Loucks, P.Eng., MBA, PMP, CEM, LEED AP, Partner, MCW Custom Energy Solutions Ltd.
  Decarbonization for Healthcare Buildings - The Giant Step Forward.
Healthcare accounts for a disproportionate amount of greenhouse gas emissions from buildings. The challenge for the future of healthcare buildings to decarbonize to achieve climate change goals is imposing but achievable. The presentation purpose is to provide a roadmap and practical applications to change the trajectory of emissions, and improving healthcare sustainability and quality.
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Webinar 4  Wednesday April 19, 2023
Topic:  Barriers and Enablers for New IPAC Technologies - What is the Evidence?
Speaker:  Barb Shea, Manager IPAC Hub Central West Region, Central West IPAC Hub
  This presentation will review the IPAC clinical outcome evidence with third party lab testing, engineering, and expert opinion. The criteria clinicians use to evaluate new IPAC technologies will be examined and compared to evidence used by other partners such as industry partners, engineers and other infrastructure experts. Discussion will inlcude approaches to assist in implementation, testing and validation of new technolgies in a clinical setting. Potential for future collaborative efforts between industry partners and Infection Control professionals will be discussed.

Session Objectives:
The learner will be able to: List at least 2 new IPAC technologies Understand the clinical outcome evidence for some new IPAC related technologies List barriers to implementation of new IPAC technologies in the built design List opportunities for industry and IPAC to work collaboratively to have new technologies implemented in the built design.

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Webinar 5  Wednesday May 17, 2023  Wednesday July 5, 2023 (Rescheduled)
Topic:  Leading Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in Organizations for Non-EDI Experts
Speaker:  Betty Mutwiri, MA, PCC, PhDc., Leadership Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Speaker
  The social awakening has brought the need to prioritize Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in organizations (and everywhere) to the forefront of the world stage. The widespread awareness of systemic racism has demonstrated that individual respectful efforts are not enough. And yet, despite best intentions, many don't know where to start or how to expand. This interactive webinar will cover how non-EDI-experts can begin to approach embedding EDI as a priority at the individual, team, organizational, community, and system levels. This requires a high degree of humility, creating psychologically safe spaces and forums to gather feedback from staff and other stakeholders (e.g., patients and families), a designated group who lead the initiative, drawing on credible resources, partnering with EDI experts, and committing to a cycle of learning, improvement, and expansion. Participants will leave with a set of resources that they can access and apply to their work, as well as options for next steps.
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Webinar 6 Wednesday June 21, 2023
Topic: Practicalities of [HVAC] Electrification in Healthcare Facilities
Speakers: Gordon Thomson, P.Eng., Senior Electrical Engineer, WSP Canada Inc.
Chris Jones, P.Eng., CEng., Eur, Ing, Team Lead, Building Engineering, WSP Canada Inc.
  Hospitals are some of the most energy-dense building types as they have consistent internal environmental criteria to maintain. This draws a lot of energy through various fuel types, with energy conservation a secondary concern when weighed against the comfort and rehabilitation of the patients relying on the facility.The drive to decarbonize hospitals through considering electrification of major heating sources will mean changing the major plant equipment significantly. In this presentation, we will explore the resilience and infrastructure of different fuel sources, plus the impact of emerging technology and trends on greenhouse gas emission reduction.
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Webinar 7 Wednesday October 18, 2023
Topic: What's New Within the 2022 Medical Gas Standard & the "Qualified Service Technician"
Speakers: Roger Holliss, President, Holliss Consulting Inc.
Al Pinkerton, President, PMG Systems Ltd.
  This session will focus on two things:
1. What are the significant changes within the 2022 version from previous ones and
2. Update on all the "Qualified Persons" training options including the inaugeral "Qualified Service Technician".
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Webinar 8 Wednesday November 22, 2023 *Note change to speakers
Topic: Design of Resilient Bulk Oxygen Supply Systems for Healthcare Facilities
Speakers: Rob Watt, Territory Manager: BC & Alberta, Linde Canada Inc.
Glen Hiebert, Account Manager, Class 1 Inc.
  As new facilities are planned and existing sites are renovated or expanded, project teams now look to resilient design principles to determine bulk oxygen supply systems and the piping infrastructure required to accommodate such demands.
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