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Webinar 1  Wednesday January 26, 2022
Topic: Humanization of Long-Term Care
Speakers:  Tariq Amlani, P. Eng., Senior Principal, Global Healthcare Sector Lead, Stantec
Eleonore Leclerc, Architect AIBC, Principal, Vancouver Healthcare Studio Lead, Vancouver Integrated Healthcare Design Studio
  Health Authorities across Canada, are renewing and expanding Long Term Care capacity. Many health regions in have embraced a 12-resident small household model, and consensus is emerging around the notion of the household as a substantively independent ‘bubble’. Key considerations in an effort to humanize Long Term Care include the number of residents, building height, the ability to isolate when required an otherwise fully integrated adult day program, planning for daylight, view and freedom of movement, and community engagement, both internal and external. The speakers will summarize principles being applied to development programs for almost 3000 residents across BC, along with experiences working with different health authorities across the country.

Beyond the initial design and construction phase, and once built, these projects create a legacy of operational requirements. Through careful consideration of the whole life of the building in the design phase, these operations can be optimized. Design tools and considerations discussed in this presentation include digital twins, considerations for embodied and operational carbon emissions, standardized maintenance solutions, prefabrication and modularization opportunities, and strategies for creating engineering system resiliency.

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Webinar 2 Wednesday February 23, 2022
Topic: Managing Virus Threats with Proper Air Filtration 

Jason Turner, Camfill Canada Inc.
Martin R. Gravel, National Sales Manager, Camfil Canada

  This presentation will help hospital facilities managers understand COVID-19 virus droplets and aerosols, how the virus is transmitted, what filtration efficiency is recommended as part of a facility mitigation strategy, CSA Z317.2.19, what are the total cost of ownership trade-offs for various filtration options, and who is their best partner to upgrade and prepare their facilities and protect their human assets.

At the end of the presentations, the learnier will be able to:
•  Identify Proper Air Filtration;
•  Assess what hospitals are currently doing for air filtration;
•  Identify Areas for improvement;
•  Describe how to mitigate virus exposure in a healthcare facility

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Webinar 3  Wednesday March 23, 2022
Topic:  Infection Control Red Flags During New Hospital Construction
Speaker:  Jim Gauthier, Diversey
  Infection Control Practitioners now have a large role during construction, as part of the multi-disciplinary team that helps oversee new construction. However, very few infection control practitioners are trained in some of the nuances to look for during construction. This presentation will outline issues faced during new hospital construction related to dust suppression, floods, and improper handling of building materials.

At the end of this presentation participants will be able to:
•  describe handling issues with HVAC components
•  list 3 roles that the infection control practitioner may be involved in
•  describe at least 3 issues with drywall materials and construction 

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Webinar 4  Wednesday April 20, 2022
Topic:  Ventilation and isolation room design in the COVID-19 era
Speakers:  Jessica Fullerton, B.Sc., M.Sc., CIC
Nick Stark, P.Eng., CED, LEED, AP, ICD, D
  Building upon the concepts discussed during the 2020 presentation on isolation room design, Nick and Jess will discuss emerging concerns and trends in ventilation and airborne isolation room design. Subjects to be covered will include a review of current design criteria as it relates to updated guidance, minimum performance criteria for older AIRs, use of adjunct ventilation systems (e.g. portable units) and ventilation considerations in other areas and types of health care facilities.
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Webinar 5  Wednesday May 18, 2022
Topic:  There is something in the water. Do you know what it is and how it can hurt you?
Speakers:  Marianne Lee, P.Eng, ing, LEED AP
Jessica Fullerton, B.Sc, M.Sc, CIC
  Plumbing systems in Canadian health care facilities (HCFs) are being recognized for the critical role they play in the day-to-day operations of the HCF. They can be sources of various infectious disease transmission such as Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE) and legionella. As such, they must be designed, operated and maintained to contribute to patient and worker safety.

This presentation will provide an overview to better understand which various pathogens are present within the plumbing system, the signs and symptoms of an outbreak, and how proper design and on-going maintenance can mitigate the risk in existing, new and renovated HCFs.

The presentation will also incorporate the best practices recommended in the new Z317.1:21, Special Requirements for Plumbing Installations in HCFs, and identify key strategies to address the challenges presented by pathogens within the plumbing systems in HCFs.

Finally, case studies will provide examples of successful risk reduction strategies in response to cases or outbreaks. The presentation will then provide an overview of the new requirements in Z317.1:21 related to implementing a water management plan, incorporating risk management, the importance of a multidisciplinary team (MDT) and various other updates related to preventing the disease transmission via the plumbing system.

  The session objectives are:
- gain an appreciation for the microbiological world within the plumbing systems in HCFs;
- understand the clinical impacts of a poorly managed and maintained plumbing system;
- develop strategies for managing, operating and designing the plumbing systems in HCFs; and
- understand how Z317.1:21 can be used to support facility managers.
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Webinar 6 Wednesday June 22, 2022
Topic: The Brave New World of Infection Control During Construction - CSA Z317.13-22
Speaker: Gordon D. Burrill, P.Eng., CCHFM, FASHE, CHFM, CHC
  The fifth generation of the CSA Z317.13 standard is scheduled to be release in the spring of 2022. The Infection control during construction, renovation and maintenance of health care facilities standard was first introduced in 2003 and has become the norm of how we maintain patient safety during times of construction, renovation or maintenance activity. The industry continues to evolve and the standard is working to stay current and up-to-date. This 5th edition is the natural evolution to bring the standard up to date with advances in construction and facilities management industry practices.

This webinar will briefly explore the standards development cycle and key components of the new standard. The bulk of the webinar will be focusing on where the standard has changed, evolved and improved. Real life construction challenges have helped the standard development committee improve the standard to remove ambiguity, improve usability and to raise the bar on construction practices.

At the completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:
1)  identify key areas of changes to the Z317.13-22 standard
2)  know how to get access to the most current version of the standard.

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Webinar 7 Wednesday October 19, 2022
Topic: CSA C282:19 Emergency electrical power supply for buildings for Designers and Changes in the 2019 Edition
Speaker: Ken Blazey, Power Solutions Consultant, CSA TSC Member & 2021 Award of Merit Recipient
  Content will cover the history of the Standard, and major changes and clarifications for 2019 edition. If you design or manage life safety or healthcare projects where an emergency power supply is required, this seminar is for you! This new edition of C282 was recently released by CSA Group in December 2019.

Familiarization with the new Standard's updated requirements is extremely important for designers and engineers working on future projects. If you are starting a new project and wish to be proactive with your designs for your clients, this webinar is a must see! This edition piggybacks on the changes already made in 2015, and improves clarity of many clauses even further, to harmonize with updates in the Canadian Electrical Code specifically in sections 32-300 and 46.

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Webinar 8 Wednesday November 16, 2022
Topic: Z32-21 Health Care Electrical Safety - What's New and What's It Do
Speaker: Simon Aspinwall, P. Eng., Principal, Smith + Anderson, CSA TSC Member
Kevin Cheong, P.Eng., RCDD, LEED AP, MKC Engineering Corp., CSA TSC Member
  If you design, construct, or manage (maintenance, operations, biomed) electrical safety of healthcare facilities, this seminar is for you. Familiarity with the new Standard is important for both existing and new/planned facilities. We’ll describe the role of Z32, how it fits in with other codes and standards, major changes for the 2021 edition, and what’s anticipated going forward.
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