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Contact: Troy Futher
Canadian National Sales Manager
Phone: 905-672-1114
Address: AAF International
AAF McQuay Canada Inc.
1375 Cardiff Blvd., Unit #2
Mississauga ON L5S 1R1
Company Description: AAF International is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial and industrial air filters. AAF makes a wide variety of products for removing and controlling airborne particulates and gaseous contaminants.
Website: www.aafintl.com
Detailed Description: Because the need for clean air is universal, AAF designs air filter products for use in all types of air filtration systems. The scope of applications is unlimited and ranges from ultra-clean air for electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturing, to preventing the spread of infection in hospitals, to removing odors and harmful gases in occupied spaces. We protect people, processes, and systems every minute of every day.
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Links www.hepafiltrationsolutions.com

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