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Company Description:

Our cost effective program prevents pinhole leaks in drinking water and domestic hot water pipes quickly.  The existing building cold and hot water pipe is used, never discarded. 



Detailed Description:

 Water pipe pinhole leaks can be stopped quickly and efficiently without having to remove the existing pipe.  We prevent water leaks for thousands of high-rise apartment building and nursing home residents, as well as many students in schools. Your water pipes can now work well for the remaining life of the building, without wholesale replacement, ever.

Please see our website:  www.leacshield.com for more information. 

Our program does not use an epoxy coating on the inside of the piping.  A food grade mineral is continuously applied to the water inside the pipe, and this forms a complete barrier on the inside of the pipe.

The LEaC Shield pinhole prevention program will cost much less than ten percent of any other option available upon installation.  Total lifetime cost for our program is about one third of pipe replacement, for the life of the building. 

The Ontario Ministry of Environment fully approves all aspects of our program for safety and human consumption of the mineral.