Full Day Session - 0800 - 1700
Lunch (for Full Day delegates only) - 1200-1300
Half Day Session - 1300-1700


Speaker: Bill Carson, The Mitchell Partnership, Toronto ON

Bill has recently retired from The Mitchell Partnership in Toronto Ontario, a Mechanical Consulting Engineering Firm with a strong commitment to the commissioning of buildings and their mechanical systems.  To this end they have a dedicated commissioning group with Bill as the commissioning coordinator.

Bill still represents The Mitchell Partnership in his ongoing participation in standards development with Canadian Standards Association.


This course is intended to guide the participants through the complete commissioning process and will be based on the application of the new commissioning standard CSA Z 320 (Building Commissioning) including the application of the electronic web based commissioning check sheets. It will also address the special requirements for commissioning of healthcare facilities from CSA standard Z 318(Commissioning of Health Care Facilities).

The commissioning process outlined in this workshop will address all disciplines in the construction process and their involvement and required participation.

The course outlines the need for a holistic approach required in the complete commission process from pre-design to post occupancy of the facility and address the need to provide the capability of ongoing and re-commissioning of the facility in the future or retro-commissioning of existing facilities.

The workshop is provided in two parts:

The morning session Part I

Scope of commissioning process as defined in the CSA Standards

• All systems and equipment to be commissioned

Pre-design, design phase

• Commissioning authority
• Commissioning plan development
• Commissioning team

Pre-construction and construction phase

• Commissioning plan implementation
• Static verification, start-up, functional performance testing
• Acceptance phase Occupancy and operation phase
• Documentation
• Objectives Electronic check sheets and annexes to the standard

Afternoon Session Part II

Application of the commission process from the morning session to a sample project

This will be a hands on process in utilizing the knowledge from the morning session  and the following:

Review a project requirements based on the RFP (Request for Proposal) and plans and specifications

Defining the requirements of the commissioning team and how to ensure their involvement and buy in

Preparation of the commission plan

Develop the required documentation using the electronic application tools for

• Verification
• Start-up
• Functional performance testing

Review the methodology for carrying out and documenting performance testing

• Development of the required testing protocols
• Commissioning team approach in completing testing
• Document results and initiating corrective action

Review the need to ensure compliance with related CSA standards in Healthcare Facilities and how we integrate them to the commissioning process

How to organize owner’s training

• Who is included
• How is it  carried out and documented
• Ongoing teaching aids

The preparation of the final commissioning documentation

Post occupancy commissioning activities