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One hour in length

Wednesday March 27, 2013

Green HVAC Done Right
Speaker:  Eugene Smithart, Trane Canada

This session will review various "Green" heating, ventilation, and air conditioning design concepts applicable to Canadian healthcare facilities.  The topics covered will apply to exisiting buildings and to the construction of new facilities, with the goal of increasing energy performance of systems while improving comfort and indoor air quality.

Wednesday April 24, 2013

Water, Mould & Sewage
Speaker:  Graham Dick, Genesis Restoration 

Smaller jobs occur in health facilities constantly, every day. Crisis events where a water escape occurs or mould is found or dust generation escapes into patient care areas happens with regularity. Some of these are performed by inside facilities maintenance and housekeeping staff, others by constructors, remediators or other outside services. Most of it falls below the tender ‘process’. 

The basis of my presentation is the observation that capital projects tend to be well managed, however I believe that it is the small projects and crisis events that occur more frequently than large capital projects where the ‘fails’ occur increasing the risk of Nosocomial illness. 


Wednesday October 30, 2013

Emergency Management in Healthcare (Single Webinar 3)
Speaker:  Norm Ferrier, Emergency Management Consultant

When dealing with emergencies in a contemporary Canadian hospital, there is a great temptation to treat the entire event as an exercise in surge capacity; all about triaging and managing patients.  Even when a surge in demand for services occurs, it is rarely solely about patient care.  Facility Services usually plays a major role, even if it IS in support of patient care, and some emergencies have a major focus on emergency services…not patient care!  That being said, those responsible for the management of health care facilities have a major role in the emergency management process in all of its’ areas of focus, including mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.
This presentation will focus on the roles played by Facility Services in all types of healthcare-based emergencies.  It will provide an initial orientation to the command and control systems used by healthcare facilities in Canada.  Finally, it will explore in detail those emergency codes which are the primary responsibility of Facility Services.

Wednesday December 4, 2013

Leading in Complex Environments (Single Webinar 4)
Speaker:  Ray Racette, Canadian College of Health Leaders

The traditional hierarchical leadership structures we are working in were never designed for the fast-paced adaptations we need to make in order to improve our health system performance.  As a health system we have compounded the problem by not investing sufficinetly in the development of leadership capacity.  This webinar will identify some of the most pressing issues we face and discuss how using the LEADS framework can greatly assist in reorienting around the behaviours of successful leadership.  The webinar will identify how the College is supporting the development of leadership capacity and will invite CHES members to reflect on the importance of health leadership as a system asset and the personal contributions they can make in helping to move the health system forward.


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