CSA Group has been working on an all NEW standard for cleaning and disinfection of health care facilities. In recognition that cleaning and disinfection forms the front line of defence against the spread of infections, the need for such a standard was identified over a year ago, and a new technical subcommittee was formed under the direction of the technical committee for health care facilities. This group of experts has worked for the past nine months in the preparation of the draft standard - which is now available for public review.

CHES members are encouraged to review the document to provide comment through this process as this feedback is invaluable to creating a quality, usable standard. In addition, CHES members are asked to pass this message along to their counterparts working with the Environmental Services groups in their respective organizations such that they too, can have input into this important document. Early review is encouraged; however, please ensure that you submit your comments by the closing date to ensure they are considered in the final version of the document.

The draft standard CSA Z317.12 is now posted for public review at this link: https://publicreview.csa.ca/Home/Details/3487.

Public Review closes on August 21, 2019.