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41st Annual Conference of the
Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society

September 28 - 29, 2021


All times quoted in Central Time

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1000-1005  Introduction/Welcome 
1005-1050  TRACK 1: Concurrent Tracks 1A, 1B, 1C 
  1A Building an Improved Patient Experience 
  1B Lessons in Relation to O2 From COVID-19: What did we learn from the very high load demands? A look from three perspectives
  1C New Construction/Renovation and IAQ - Build or fix it right ... the first time! 
1050-1100  Transition / Break 
1100-1150  TRACK 2: Keynote Address 
    The Success-Energy Equation: How to regain focus, recharge your life, and really get sh!t done
1150-1200   Transition / Break 
1200-1245 TRACK 3: Concurrent Tracks 3A, 3B, 3C 
  3A Improving Project Delivery in Operating Hospitals: Lessons Learned 
  3B Critical Power Upgrades: Building an Electrical Substation for the Future
  3C  HVAC Performance Optimization for Improved Health Outcomes
1245-1315  Transition / Lunch Break
1315-1400  TRACK 4: Plenary Session
    Project Contract Language - Contract Litigation, Shared Liability/Responsibility
1400-1415  Transition / Break
1415-1500 TRACK 5: Concurrent Sessions 5A, 5B, 5C
  5A Patient Experience: How the Commissioning Process Ensures and Enhances the Patient Experience
  5B  Designing and Retrofitting Health Facilities for Accessibility
  5C  CSA Z8002.19 AHS's Journey from Assessment to Implementation
1000-1045  TRACK 6: Concurrent Sessions 6A, 6B, 6C  
  6A Leveraging Strategic Partnerships to Enhance Healthcare Through Innovations 
  6B Environmental Controls for Hospitals and the Impact on Patient Safety 
  6C  Impact of COVID-19 on Long Term Care (starting the conversation) 
1045-1100 Transition / Break
1100-1150  TRACK 7: Plenary Session  
    CHES President's Welcome, Award Presentations 
1150-1200  Transition / Break  
1200-1245 TRACK 8: Concurrent Sessions 8A, 8B, 8C 
  8A Wayfinding: Accessible Design for the Built Environment
  8B Creating Smart Hospitals: Enhancing patient experiences, reducing staff workloads and improving operating results using loT
  8C New Standard: CSA Z8003. (design research and post occupancy evaluation)
1245-1315 Transition / Lunch Break
1315-1400 TRACK 9: Concurrent Sessions 9A, 9B, 9C
  9A The New Waterford Hub Complex: A different approach to health, LTC, Education and Communities Services
  9B Heliport Operations Safety
  9C Building Healthcare Resiliency from Design to Operations
1400-1415 Transition / Break
1415-1500 TRACK 10: Plenary Session
    Hotstove Lounge:  Roundtable on Climate Impact and Resiliency Design