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Webinar 1  Wednesday January 18, 2017 
Topic: The Medical Air Paradox
Speaker:  Paul Edwards, Vice President, Medical Gas, Air Liquide Healthcare
Description: Through Air Liquide's aerALin quality control service we have access to "big data" measured at multiple healthcare facilities across the country. While analyzing this data we discovered the most common quality breach comes from the medical air plants themselves, and not outdoor air pollution. This presentation demonstrates how an evidence based approach can lead to improvements in healthcare delivery. In other words, we can only manage what we measure.
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Webinar 2 Wednesday February 15, 2017
Topic: Infection Prevention & Control: Underscoring its Importance for Healthcare Engineers
Speakers: Titus Wong, Medical Microbiologist, Infection Control Physician, Vancouver Coastal Health
Elizabeth Bryce, Regional Medical Director, Infection Prevention and Control, Vancouver Coastal Health
Description: This presentation will discuss the various re-engineering strategies to reduce antimicrobial burden, the studies to date and their gaps and the questions still to be answered.  Various examples from the presenters' experience will be used to illustrate key points.  A pilot project assessing re-engineered rooms at Vancouver General Hospital will be described.
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Webinar 3  Wednesday March 15, 2017 
Topic:  Managing Fire and Smoke Barriers in Today's Healthcare Environment 
Speakers:  Kelly Mason, Director of Healthcare, Partnerships, Specified Technologies Inc.
Eric DeAmorin, National Sales Manager of Canada, Specified Technologies Inc.
Description: This presentation will cover the protocol or lack of in managing rated barriers to insure life safety.  We will discuss the proper process for compliance.  We will discuss the selection of tested assmblies that best fir the application.  We will discuss tools that could be implemented to insure success.
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Webinar 4  Wednesday April 19, 2017 
Topic:  Engineered Infection Prevention – Standards, Guidelines, U.S. Trend & Innovations
Speaker:  Barry Hunt, President & CEO, Class 1 Inc.
Description: Engineered Infection Prevention (EIP) is defined as automatic technology built into hospital infrastructure that is specifically designed to prevent infections.  EIP has the potential to reduce hospital acquired infections (HAIs) by 80%.   Every dollar spent on EIP can return up to $10 per year to the healthcare system.  This webinar will provide the latest information in this fast developing field.
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Webinar 5  Wednesday May 17, 2017
Topic:  Water Scarcity - Top 10 Strategies to Reduce Water Usage and Minimize Your Business Risk 
Speakers:  Patrick Racine, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Klenzoid Canada Inc.
Mathew Bonarek, Business Development Manager, Klenzoid Canada Inc.
Description: Water scarcity and water security are now becoming strategic business issues. A proper action plan will require a three tiered approach: the rehabilitation of our failing infrastructures, investment in point of use technology and for institutional and industrial users, partnering with local experts to help tackle their water quality and quantity issues.   This  webinar will cover the top 10 things a healthcare facility can do to reduce water usage in their heating and cooling application
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Webinar 6 Wednesday June 21, 2017 
Topic: Infection Control Risk Assessment - CSA Z317.13-17 - What's New!
Speaker: Gordon Burrill, P.Eng, President, Teegor Consulting Inc.

In January of 2017, the next generation of the CSA Z317.13 standard was released. The Infection control during construction, renovation and maintenance of health care facilities standard was first introduced in 2003 and has revolutionized how we maintain patient safety during times of construction, renovation or maintenance activity. The industry continues to evolve and the standard is working to stay current and up-to-date. This 4th edition considers this evolution to bring the standard up to date with advances in construction and facilities management industry practices.

This webinar will briefly explore the standards development cycle and key components of the standard. The bulk of the webinar will be focusing on where the standard has changed, evolved and improved. Real life construction challenges have helped the standard development committee improve the standard to remove ambiguity and improve usability.

At the completion of this webinar, attendees will be able to:
Identify the standards development process
Identify key areas of changes to the Z317.13-17 standard.
Know how to get access to the most current version of the standard.

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Webinar 7 Wednesday October 18, 2017
Topic: Energy Management in Healthcare – Case studies of Successful Projects
Speaker: Stephen Kooiman, P.Eng., MASc, Mechanical Team Lead, Prisom Engineering
Robert Greenwald, P.Eng., President, Prism Engineering
Description: This webinar will cover case studies on Chiller Upgrades, Lighting implementations, HVAC system upgrades, Energy Audits, Engagement programs, Thermal Assessments, Continuous Optimization studies and implementation, and Controls Upgrades.
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Webinar 8 Wednesday November 15, 2017
Topic: Infection Control: Air separation, air flow and relative space pressurization; airborne isolation rooms, protective environment rooms, and other areas requiring high level air separation
Speaker: David Cyr, P.Eng, Mechanical Engineer, Partner, LaPorte Engineering Inc.
Description: Drawing on Laporte’s industrial experience in Pharmaceutical cleanroom designs, the presentation will outline design techniques of HVAC systems and how we believe these design approaches would apply well to ORs, MDRs or isolation rooms and mitigate the frequent issues / challenges of cross contamination, temperature and humidity control: Air separation, air flow, and relative space pressurization, Airborne Isolation rooms, protective environment rooms, and other special precaution rooms requiring high level air separation.
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