Hans Burgers Award for Outstanding Contribution to Healthcare Engineering
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This award is presented to a resident of Canada as a mark of recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of healthcare engineering.  Candidates must be members of CHES and the achievements can be either a series of contributions or one outstanding contribution.


 2022 Mitch Weimer
 2021 Robert Barss  |  Article
 2020 Ron Durocher  |  Article
 2019 Peter Whiteman
 2018 Ralph Mayfield
 2017 Ken Herbert
 2016 Michael Hickey
 2015 John J Knott
 2014 Per Paasche
 2013 Phil Langford
 2012 Steve Rees
 2011 Roland McIntosh
 2010 Gordon Burrill
 2009 Graham Baker
 2008 John Forster
 2007 Wayne McLellan
 2006 Don Spielmacher
 2005 George Seely
 2004 Hans Burgers