Mission & Ethics

Building member expertise in Canadian Healthcare Engineering

Excellence in the patient-care focused environment through education, innovation and partnerships.

We value:  Knowledge, Collaboration, Respect, Accountability


As a member of the healthcare institution or hospital, and also a member of the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society, I pledge

  • To practice the art and science of engineering as required in hospital and healthcare institutions, to the best of my abilities;
  • To maintain integrity and empathy in my professional practice at hospital or healthcare institutions;
  • To strive for objectivity of judgment in such matters of confidentiality and conflict of interest;
  • To maintain a high standard of personal competence through continuing education and ongoing critical evaluation by my peers;
  • To work co-operatively with colleagues, other professionals and lay persons;
  • To protect members of the society against the unethical or incompetent behaviour of colleagues or other fellow healthcare professionals;
  • To abide by all applicable laws, codes, regulations, and standard practices to safeguard the hospital of science engineering in the protection of staff, patients, and visitors within the environment;
  • To promote excellence in the healthcare engineering profession;
  • To support others in pursuit of healthcare engineering goals;
  • To support the training and education of future members of the society;
  • To support the advancement and dissemination of hospital health science engineering as well as allocated knowledge and skills;
  • To involve myself in the activities that promote a vital and progressive society.

We are a non-profit voluntary society promoting improved planning, design, operation and management of healthcare technical services systems.

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