George Seely received his award at the 25th CHES Annual Meeting which was held in Ottawa Ontario, September 11-13, 2005.

George worked with the New Brunswick Department of Health beginning in 1970 as technical advisor to the ministry organizing a major new hospital construction program. He consulted with the Federal Ministry of Health and Welfare to determine what they could provide to assist in his efforts to develop more efficient health care facilities.

He joined CHES shortly after it was created in 1980 for the educational program and journal offered to members. He attended the annual conferences gaining many friends in health facilities maintenance and operations as well as consultants and manufacturers representatives interested in the New Brunswick approach to design efficiency. He encouraged many of his advisors including the Bio- Medical Engineering Institute, University of New Brunswick and Research and Productivity Council staff to join CHES and participate in their activities. After meeting with representatives from the Nova Scotia Ministry of Health, and the Prince Edward Island Ministry, he received their agreement to form a Maritime Chapter of CHES and served as their first Chairman in 1995.

Through his efforts he was able to convince his Newfoundland counterparts to join the Chapter, uniting the provinces to become the current Atlantic Chapter. George served the Atlantic Chapter in many capacities, assisting in organizing conferences, obtaining speakers willing to make presentations and companies to exhibit at both National and Atlantic Chapters. He also served on many technical committees, national and provincial, including energy efficiency and medical gases providing input to agencies from the practitioner's point of view.