38th Annual Conference of the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society
Smarter Infrastructure for Enhanced Patient Outcomes  │ September 16-18 2018

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Important Dates  
September 15, 2017 Abstracts Open
November 15, 2017 Abstract Submissions Closed
February 2018 Accepted Speaker Notifications Sent
August 15, 2018 Speaker Biographies, Signed Release and Presentations Due

Speaker abstracts are now being accepted for the 2018 CHES National Conference.

From that very second a patient steps foot on any healthcare property, the Healthcare Organization, the facility and the service it provides, is subject to a report card.  Whether you pass or fail is totally up to you.

The delivery of health care has been quantified with the model, "structure + process = outcome."  Structure in health care delivery can refer to the physical plant, Processes are specific patient interventions performed by health care professionals and resulting in an outcome, and lastly, Outcomes which are the result of the patient's interaction with health care professionals. 

Health care delivery is challenged by demands of access, safety, quality, and cost.  These challenges are amplified by aged infrastructure, an aging demographic which leads to a drastic increase in primary and chronic care visits and strained Government funding to name a few.  Smarter Infrastructure must be implemented to reduce these burdens.  The engineering, design and maintenance of our healthcare facilities has a profound impact on patient health outcomes. That’s where you, I, and fellow CHES members play a vital role in ensuring quality in our healthcare system.

Smarter Infrastructure:
We depend on our Engineering Consultants to provide us with the utmost design incorporating innovative building systems and infrastructure technologies.  We look to our service providers to maintain our systems/equipment, to provide prime service and, to keep our systems running effectively and efficiently.  Lastly, equipment suppliers, we depend on you to provide us with the latest and greatest infrastructure and patient equipment. 

Patient Outcomes:
Measuring a patient’s outcome is essential to understanding whether health care services and procedures make a difference to patients' health status and quality of life.  It provides insight on the effectiveness of care from the patient's perspective and complement existing information on the quality of care and services provided.  As CHES members, we have the ability to influence a Patient’s outcome.  No matter the discipline, we all contribute to this same goal.  Together we can!  The CHES 2018 education program will aim to provide our members with the tools and knowledge required to transform our facilities to the next level.  As well, we aim to identify how technology, engineering, design and maintenance impacts a patient’s experience hence, striving for an enhanced patient outcome.

We are seeking leaders from Canada and beyond to inspire, demonstrate, educate and share with CHES members the stories, tips, trials, methods and solutions to help us to improve patient outcomes with smarter infrastructure.

Like other CHES National Conferences, our education program will too feature two tracks.  Our goal is the delivery of an educational program that directly links to the theme of the conference.

Accepted speakers will be notified by February 2018.  Bios and abstracts will be required at this time.  Speakers are requested to electronically submit their complete PowerPoint presentations by August 15, 2018.  Speakers shall agree to provide CHES with a signed release for video and future use of the presentation. 

We look forward to seeing you in St. John’s!

Colin Marsh
Chair CHES 2018 National Conference